What is ENP

ENP is the short name given to the European Network of Parents of LGBTI+ Persons which was founded in Malta on 22nd February, 2017. We are a group of parents coming from different walks of life, with different cultures, languages, political and religious beliefs but who share one common purpose – to see the safety, dignity and wellbeing of our LGBTI+ children guaranteed in society.

ENP aims to contribute its resources (our stories) to help improve legislation that protects and affirms all LGBTI+ Persons in a manner that empowers them to participate fully in society without fear of discrimination or shame.

The dream of ENP is to change the hearts and minds of those who continue to feed hate and stigmatisation of LGBTI+ Persons. We will work to bring down barriers and tear away the walls of prejudice, by sharing our personal stories and building bridges of dialogue.  We are gate openers and points of reference for those wishing to commit to this cause.


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