Informal meetings of parents of LGBTI+ persons were held in Kyiv in April 2015 and again in Warsaw in June 2015. Parents became more active during ILGA-Europe’s conference held in Athens in October 2015 and again in Kyiv in November 2015.

  1. In May 2016 we held a follow-up meeting in Brussels with trainer Patricia Prendeville and we were 13 representatives from 9 different organisations and countries. We decided what first steps to take.
  2. In October 2016 this work continued in Nicosia, Cyprus. A strategy plan was discussed on how to strengthen the Parents’ voice as one of the stronger LGBTI allies.
  3. In November 2016 this work became more concrete when we met again in Kyiv. It was here that the decision was taken to go ahead with the establishment of ENP in Malta in February, 2017 coinciding with Malta’s Presidency of the EU Council while hosting the High Level EU Ministers Meeting on the LGBT Roadmap, to maximize on media news coverage.
  4. In February (21-22 February 2017), the ENP launch conference took place in Malta where nearly 50 parents from 14 countries met for workshops and training. Local and international leaders in the LGBTIQ community, politicians including local MEPs and Hon. Minister Helena Dalli, (Minister of Social Dialogue, Consumer Rights and Civil Liberties) provided insights and expertise.
  5. On 22nd February, 2017 ENP was officially registered as a legal entity with the Voluntary Organisations’ Commissioner.


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