Capacity Building

ENP’s capacity building is aimed at developing and strengthening the skills, processes and resources of parents of LGBT people, to empower them to form into groups and build associations which will thrive by belonging to this European network. Such parent organizations play a crucial role in supporting families of LGBTI+ persons by engaging in collaborative work together and sharing good practices regarding advocacy of LGBTI+ rights and affirmation. Efforts to promote family engagement are most successful when they are integrated and when members find help with resources and training.
In advocating for our children’s rights and recognition, parents tend to be strong allies despite any possible opposition which can at times be harsh and judgmental. Yet parents of LGBTI+ persons are well positioned to be catalysts of change. It is often us parents who succeed to break down walls and barriers by opening avenues where dialogue and gate-opening occurs. This especially between LGBT activists and various pockets of society.
We are strategically placed to act as bridge builders between the various opposing factions, and we can mediate to bring about more harmony among the various communities concerned.
ENP works to develop the potential contribution which parents of LGBTI+ persons may offer within their respective communities by providing the processes for building the knowledge, skills, and confidence of families within parents’ organizations to stand up and be counted in favour of all loved ones.

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