Have you ever wondered what it would be like if parents of LGBTI+ people came together as one movement, a network of resources, testimonies, best practices, experience in advocacy strategy and so on? To bring down barriers and tear away the walls of prejudice in different parts of the world?

Then, your participation in this journey would be beneficial both to you but also to others who may be lagging behind, in their own country.

The aim of ENP is to provide support to parents, both as individuals, and as part of groups and associations in European countries, and provide the framework to communicate, liaise and strengthen the work done in various countries to support and re-affirm LGBTI+ persons.

You can become part of this network and make history!  
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If you form part of an informal Parent initiative that is not yet an officially registered association because it is still in the very early stages, then you could still consider joining ENP but as individuals, until your group is formally registered. According to Maltese law only individuals and legal entities may become ENP members. This means that two or three members of your group may join as individuals until they are replaced by the organisation itself, once it becomes formally registered as a legal entity. In the meanwhile, we look forward to having you on board and we promise to journey with you, helping you to become stronger and become a registered organisation. Please go back to: Enrolment of Individual Members

The membership fee is of 25 Euro per year and can be payed through bank transfer or paypal.

We thank you in advance for joining and we hope to meet soon at the first Annual General Meeting.

Be the hope for those without hope
Be the voice of those struggling to speak out
Be the change where it is needed

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Margarida Lima de Faria – President

o.b.o. ENP Board

You can find the registration form clicking here