What We Do

We provide support and resources to parents’ organizations across Europe, seeking to belong to ENP.

We organize conferences for parents from different European countries to get to know each other, learn from each other, share experiences and strengthen the network. We are a united voice.

We advocate for LGBTI+ recognition and affirmation through EU and European Council platforms and we strongly support advocacy work undertaken by our members.

Capacity Building

ENP’s capacity building is aimed at developing and strengthening the skills, processes and resources of parents of LGBT people, to empower them to form into groups and build associations which will thrive by belonging to this European network. Such parent organizations play a crucial role in supporting families of LGBTI+ persons by engaging in collaborative work together and sharing good practices regarding advocacy of LGBTI+ rights and affirmation. Efforts to promote family engagement are most successful when they are integrated and when members find help with resources and training.
In advocating for our children’s rights and recognition, parents tend to be strong allies despite any possible opposition which can at times be harsh and judgmental. Yet parents of LGBTI+ persons are well positioned to be catalysts of change. It is often us parents who succeed to break down walls and barriers by opening avenues where dialogue and gate-opening occurs. This especially between LGBT activists and various pockets of society.
We are strategically placed to act as bridge builders between the various opposing factions, and we can mediate to bring about more harmony among the various communities concerned.
ENP works to develop the potential contribution which parents of LGBTI+ persons may offer within their respective communities by providing the processes for building the knowledge, skills, and confidence of families within parents’ organizations to stand up and be counted in favour of all loved ones.

Our advocacy work

Although ENP is still a newly established organisation, we are enthusiastic to contribute our voice to the national and international debates on LGBTI+ affirmation and well-being. We act as a united network of parent associations working in the field of human rights and social acceptance. We advocate for our children and rainbow families with a clear position to promote and protect one’s basic human rights to freedom, dignity, equality, safety, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.
We stand firmly against any form of discrimination, hate speech, hate crimes, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia which perpetrate violence and oppression against our LGBTI+ children. As a network of parents, our compelling voice and our personal stories will come together, to help advocate for the necessary changes to policies, laws and social norms that must come into effect, to condemn all forms of discriminative conduct while ensuring action is taken to curb any violent attacks on LGBTI+ persons.
As the umbrella organization welcoming parents of LGBTI+ people, both as individuals as well as registered legal associations in EU and mainland Europe our main advocacy goals are to:
– Empower Parents of LGBTI+ family associations and initiatives, to develop and share their best practices and strategies, so as to engage more effectively with society, political and religious leaders and to bring about the necessary changes in hearts and minds of society regarding LGBT+ affirmation. We do this by collaborating better together and working against discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression, sexual orientation and sex characteristics – on national and European levels.
– Support national advocacy plans and lobby for improvements to laws and regulations in order to show greater respect towards basic human rights and affirmation towards protection of the LGBTI+ persons.
– Work on constant reminders that parents and family members of LGBTI+ people should use proper institutional, legal and health support freely and without obstacles.
– Exchange good practises and work as the bridge organization that will connect and support international cooperation and respective national organisations.
– Cooperation and lobbying with the relevant bodies of EU Parliament and Council of Europe, with clear recommendations and priorities to highlight those human rights policies that severely breach the rights of LGBTI+ persons in member states and others by emphasising common goals.
– Ensuring a systematic education in all spheres of society (especially educational and other facilities that work with children and youth) about LGBTI+ respect, acceptance and support of all diversities and respect towards fundamental human rights.
– Ensuring the development of health care systems that are in accordance with contemporary standards of care for transgender variant and intersex persons.
– Demand member states to ensure that their counterparts make necessary adjustments to laws ensuring the best interest of the child in the cases of being trans, intersex or non-normative.
– Recommend to member states and others to embrace Gender Identity Laws that would pave the way for necessary procedures to protect one’s basic human rights and the rights of the child.
– Provide tools and resources to the EU member states as well as other European states, to enable them to make the required changes to their Laws, regulation and policies for the common good.

We uphold European standards of wellbeing by promoting improved policies and awarding leaders who demonstrate a strong political will to implement safe and fair policies in society and who lead by example.