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The European Network of Parents of LGBTI+ Persons (ENP) is an European organization composed of Associations of Parents of LGBTI+ persons; families that aim for an inclusive society; families that recognize that all persons should be treated with respect and dignity – free from any discrimination.

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Tell It Out!

Dear Parents, “We should speak out!“ was the overall motto of our conference in Lisbon in March 2018. And this is what we really wish to do together with you. After formally establishing ENP and conducting our first General Assembly…

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Parent Interviews

European Parents of LGBTI+ Speak Out


Wishing you all a wonderful International Family Equality Day!

ENP Annual Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

In March 2018, the statutory Annual General Meeting of ENP will take place in Lisbon, Portugal to coincide with NELFA’s conference which will help us enhance visibility and collaboration.

After the ENP Annual Conference

Some notes from the conference that was held in Portugal between 15-18 March 2018: “We Should Speak Out: LGBTI and Family Rights”

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