About ENP

The European Network of Parents of LGBTI+ Persons (ENP) is an European organization composed of Associations of Parents of LGBTI+ persons; families that aim for an inclusive society; families that recognize that all persons should be treated with respect and dignity – free from any discrimination.

Parent Interviews

In February 2017, while parents met in Malta for ENP’s launch assembly, we found an opportunity to ask a few parents some common questions. The different responses illustrate the challenging reality parents found themselves in and testify to the joys…

Tell It Out!

Dear Parents, “We should speak out!“ was the overall motto of our conference in Lisbon in March 2018. And this is what we really wish to do together with you. After formally establishing ENP and conducting our first General Assembly…

Latest News

Challenges faced by Trans persons as a result of Covid pandemic restrictions

Dear parents of trans kids, We heard from some ENP members that this dramatic situation of Covid-19 is affecting very negatively the Trans people’s access to proper health care. Namely, in some countries, the Chemists are refusing to give injections…

ENP letter to EU Parliament candidates

The letter was sent by parents from different countries to the parties running for EU Parliament: The European Network of Parents of LGBTI+ (ENP)’s mission is to act as an umbrella organisation in European countries (including countries that are not…

ENP was at Moldova Pride

Last week from the 15th-19th of May, the activists of GENDERDOC-M organized the 18th Moldova Pride Festival. Their motto was, I am ok! (“Sunt ok“).

After the ENP Annual Conference

Some notes from the conference that was held in Portugal between 15-18 March 2018: “We Should Speak Out: LGBTI and Family Rights”

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