Tell It Out!

Dear Parents,

“We should speak out!“ was the overall motto of our conference in Lisbon in March 2018. And this is what we really wish to do together with you.

After formally establishing ENP and conducting our first General Assembly we would like to shift into action with you and for us all. One step to gain (more) visibility as ENP and for the many parents out there still living in fear and hiding – is to…

Tell it Out!

We would like to start with something that unites us all, something we all have in common: our story! We all might remember the day we got the news. Some of us might have shared this moment of ‘coming out’ of our child, our feelings and emotions with like-minded people, with other parents on the national level. Maybe some more publicly in TV interviews, during conferences, books, movies, videos or on social media. This is great stuff but we would like to bring out more of these stories.

Some of you might ask, “so what is so new about this?“ The new part is, that we would like to bring your story together with as many other parents’ stories as possible – stories from all over Europe, starting from where we already have contact with parents at the moment. Since we can never have the chance to meet all of us at the same time, instead, we can make our stories accessible to one other by beginning to share our narrative and exchange good practices. Furthermore, we would like to make these stories more publicly available to others. Our stories will give us the basis to move to the second step. This would then be to advocate for the equality of our children and our family rights. These stories will symbolize the variety of common challenges we face independently in the different countries, where we are each living. Maybe the most powerful thing in this action is: these stories cannot be questioned, they are true, they speak our truth!

We would like to encourage every one of you to share your story, to draw with us a picture about parents of LGBTI+ persons in Europe. Real stories are always touching and they come from the depth of one’s heart – a parent’s heart! For those of you who may prefer to remain unidentified, please feel free to use an alias/nom de plume. We would be glad to acquire at least one story from each different country by the end.

So let´s start the storytelling. Help us reach out to more parents by forwarding this same invitation and keep us posted. We know every case is individual. To make these stories more compelling, we would like each of you to consider three common questions while writing your particular story:

1. What was your feeling when hearing the news?

2. What were your fears?

3. What do you feel now?

– Try to make it not longer than one A4 page (2600 characters). Please use 12 point size and Cambria font.

– Yes, you can retell or reformulate your story but please take into account the questions above.

– Try to write it in English, or perhaps Russian.

– Send the story to by not later than 30th September, 2018 so we could work on it in summer.

We will read all stories! No story will get lost. And you can push to collect more stories. It does not matter if we get more than one story from a country. We will find a way to make everyone’s story available. You tell the story for all the other parents out there, who might still not know about their LGBTI+ children or who don’t know who to speak to, once they face this news.

The stories will be brought together on the ENP website and other social media. We will use your story for an analysis about common patterns, shared concerns and document these important stories. We might even ask for further in-depth story telling, if we think you are onto something especially interesting. Tell it Out! – this is how we are launching the European parents’ Coming Out experience. It is our wish to publish a book within a year.

So with full respect, we invite you to start writing your story and to share it with the rest of the world. We are looking forward to receiving your story as soon as possible. And if you have contacts with other countries, please send us an email so we know which country is being covered by you.

Tell it Out!

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about the project.

With best regards

Joseph Peregin
ENP Board

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