Parent Interviews

In February 2017, while parents met in Malta for ENP’s launch assembly, we found an opportunity to ask a few parents some common questions. The different responses illustrate the challenging reality parents found themselves in and testify to the joys stemming from acceptance. Overcoming the initial hurdles, these parents show us that unconditional love is the key to building strong family relationships. Parents are activists in their own right, simply by being themselves and telling their stories.

These brief interviews have different parents answering one common question. These different questions will help you browse easily depending on your interest and concern. They may be used and shared for the purpose of shedding light on a family reality that sadly, only a few people dare talk about or share openly. But we at ENP are determined to change all that!

Special thanks go to the parents who accepted to be interviewed and the video producers Catarina Trigo and Facundo Prats.