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ENP was at Moldova Pride

I am ok! – 18th LGBT Community Festival „Moldova Pride“

Moldova is one of the smallest countries of the former Soviet Union. But size doesn’t matter. Already for more than twenty years the Information Centre GENDERDOC-M has been promoting Rights for LGBT people in Chisinau, the capital of the Country.

Last week from the 15th-19th of May, the activists of GENDERDOC-M organized the 18th Moldova Pride Festival. Their motto was, I am ok! (“Sunt ok“).The extensive program focused on a number of themes: invisible teenagers, overcoming social prejudices, safer sex promotion, just to name some of them. (The detailed program you can find here: They also offered the possibility for parents of LGBT people to get together. On Saturday parents and relatives of LGBT people from Moldova, Russia and Ukraine took part in a mini-workshop about mental traumas. Moldova was the first of the former Soviet Union countries to start working with parents. A recent interview with Elena Anmegikyan, the mother of the first Genderdoc-M CEO tells the story of how it was when she first got the news that her son was gay. Elena is also an active mother in the parents’ group by GENDERDOC-M. She also talks about how they work with parents in Moldova. This information can be found here:

(article and movie in Russian).

On Sunday the parents marched together with their children, human rights activists and engaged citizens in the solidarity march “I am ok!“. For the first time ever a Member of Parliament marched with them, and also ENP together with the parents form TERGO Ukraine, founding members of ENP.

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