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The Portuguese Parliament Supports the families of Trans* and Gender Diverse Youth

  • ENP calls for an end to discrimination and violence against trans* youth
  • Project “Let’s Change the Pace!” aims to improve quality of life for trans* and gender diverse youth

Lisbon – Portugal

Day 23/09/22, the European Network of Parents of LGBTI+ persons (ENP) presented a manifesto in the Portuguese Parliament advocating for the rights of trans* and gender-diverse youth in Europe. The participants also condemned the violence that marred this year’s Euro Pride celebration in Belgrade, Serbia.

Trans* youth are some of the most marginalised and discriminated persons. For real equality the whole society must do more to ensure that they are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

The manifesto highlights the need for better legal recognition of trans* identity, improved access to healthcare, and greater inclusion in education.  

The project already impacted many realities, involving representatives from many European countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, U.K., and Ukraine.

The Manifesto marks an important milestone in the ENP’s “Let’s Change the Pace” Erasmus+ project and is an important step for all parents of trans* persons.
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