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European Network of Parents of LGBTI+ Persons (ENP)

Invitation to become a member or renew your annual membership.

We organize an Annual General Meeting every year in a different European city.

We are also involved in other informative seminars, conferences and projects on a regular basis, across Europe

Paid up ENP Members are eligible to attend our events and may also apply for scholarships to subsidize their participation and travel costs.

Would you like to become part of a group aspiring to become better witnesses of the encouraging and constructive spirit that emerges from authentically embracing our LGBTI+ children unconditionally as they truly are? Especially when they turn out to be quite a bit different to what us parents thought they’d be.

Whether you need support or are fortunate enough to have grown as a result of embracing your child’s coming out, would you like to join other parents who may still be struggling with their process of acceptance? Have you a story to tell?

Our links with the LGBTI+ community may place us in unique positions to encourage whoever seeks our support in accompanying one another as we work to find suitable ways of coming out to family and friends. Such cases may be surprisingly difficult circumstances, leading to levels of rejection or depression, which will be unbearable without the proper support of experienced companions.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if parents of LGBTI+ people came together as one movement, to bring down barriers and tear away the walls of prejudice in different parts of the world?

If you are a parent of an LGBTI+ person wishing to strengthen this Parents’ voice, please be encouraged to contact us and get better informed. We are building a network of resources, testimonies, best practices, experience in advocacy strategy and so on. Your participation in this journey would be beneficial both to you but also to others who may be lagging behind, in their own country.

Be the hope for those without hope

Be the voice of those struggling to speak out

Be the change where it is needed

Fill in the online form and tell us about yourself.

If you know of others wishing to join this Network of Parents and make history, then share your enthusiasm by inviting them to fill in the membership form to become an official ENP member. You may do this as an individual or as an officially registered organisation.

Please fill-in the membership application or renewal form by going to the following link, and confirming your personal details. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will be eligible to participate in the next Annual Assembly that will be held online, in November 2019.

The membership fee is of €25 per year.

By filling in this form, you agree to ENP processing and storing this information in accordance with its Data Privacy policy and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Joseph Peregin

ENP Board


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