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Challenges faced by Trans persons as a result of Covid pandemic restrictions


Dear parents of trans kids,

We heard from some ENP members that this dramatic situation of Covid-19 is affecting very negatively the Trans people’s access to proper health care. Namely, in some countries, the Chemists are refusing to give injections (hormones) since some of the pharmacies are using only small windows to sell the medicines.  We think they may be using this situation as a mere excuse.  The same is happening with health centres that consider this treatment as a non-essential. Also, practitioners are very difficult to reach and consequently, surgeries are being postponed. There is also the problem of increased isolation and anxiety, which may impact negatively people’s state of mental health.

We would therefore like to be the voice of the parents of Trans persons with these and other specific needs aggravated by Covid-19, to come forward and stand in defense of those who are suffering.

We therefore invite you to send your testimonials to and help ENP collaborate further with other international organisations.  Your responses would help us trace the trans-health situation and push for any necessary improvements.

In solidarity,

ENP Board

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