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On September 27th and 28th ENP will be represented by Margarida Faria its General Secretary during the Seminar of  ECRI and CoE – Forces to Communicate the Equality and Diversity Message supported by the Council of Europe in a Roundtable online session, which will focus on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on equality, racism and intolerance.

On June 19th, ILGA Europe published a report entitled “COVID-19 impacts on LGBTI communities in Europe and Central Asia: A rapid assessment report” to provide specific references to the impacts of COVID-19 on LGBTI people, organisations and communities, based on inputs from a survey of ILGA-Europe members, direct communications with members, as well as publicly accessible reports and webinars from members and organisations in the region.

ILGA-Europe received reports from 30 countries of impacts on access to healthcare from across Europe and Central Asia, showing how pre-existing limitations in LGBTI-affirming healthcare were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare systems redirected their resources, targeted mental health services which were interrupted or experienced radical increases in demand after moving online during confinement. Access to sexual and reproductive health was also negatively impacted.

The report includes information on 8 macro areas, among others, health, hate speech, domestic violence and access to justice.

Postponement or cancellation of transition-related medical care, which is considered to be life-saving for trans people, accessing sexual health and HIV services, as well as targeted hate speech from political and/or religious leaders were reported in 12 countries. Increased incidences of domestic violence towards LGBTI persons were reported in 23 countries, while reports of impediments to accessing legal gender recognition were received from 8 countries.

In other words, such a report reveals the necessity and extent of the valuable work  ENP could do, in consolidating parents’ efforts from across Europe to affirm LGBTI+ people and counteract such negative trends.

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