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Beyond the binary

The webinar is concluded. Thank you for being with us!

Thank you for your interest in our webinar BEYOND THE BINARY!

BEYOND THE BINARY refers to intersex corporeality. This invisible reality is not well known, but it is, none the less, real!The objective of this webinar is to show a very little known and invisible reality, but no less true for that.

Intersex is a term used to describe people whose sexual anatomy does not conform to what is typically considered a “female” or “male” body. In fact, intersex is a completely natural body variation in humans, which in some cases may not even be visible at birth but appear during puberty or even into adulthood. Intersex status is exclusively related to biological characteristics and is independent of sexual orientation or gender identity.

This webinar seeks to address the complexity and uncertainty that a family undergoes when faced with the question, “Is the new-born boy and girl?” This question also poses great social implications of acceptance and basic human rights. Throughout life, the person and the family become aware or discover that a different sexual development occurs.

The objective is to make this reality visible, to make it known and to call to attention the existing legal vacuum in many countries. We need to speak up so that intersex people will have full autonomy to determine and develop their real identity and integrity, regardless of the gender assigned to them during their upbringing. As different organizations we can unite as one voice to see that all countries receive a clear mandate to regulate in favour of the rights of intersex people.

This webinar is being organized by two entities, ENP and FDS – platforms of LGBTI + family organizations from Europe and Latin America – in collaboration with the Kaleidos organization. The webinar took place on June 5 @ 15.00 CET or 08.00 CDT.

Application is closed.

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