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ENP at Ljubljana Conference

In Ljubljana, we attended a safe space meeting of parents of LGBTs, a long interview with one of the main local daily newspapers and finally we were guest speakers at a rather unique cultural Centre frequented by artists, progressive option setters & members of the LGBT community etc

The site that advertised our event

The following is a translation of the event description

In a conversation with Joseanne and Joseph Peregin, we will touch on the topic of faith and the rights of LGBT people.

Joseanne and Joseph Peregin come from Malta, where they are founder members of the Drachma Group for parents of LGBT persons, the European Network of Parents of LGBT People and the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics.

They are also active in the Christian Life Community in Malta.

In a conversation led by Dr. Roman Kuhar, they share their experience of activism for the rights of LGBT people as Catholic parents of a gay son.

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