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ENP Annual Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

In March 2018, the statutory Annual General Meeting of European Network of Parents of LGBTI+ will take place in Lisbon, Portugal to coincide with NELFA’s conference which will help us enhance visibility and collaboration.


Dear European parents of LGBTI+ persons,

What appeared to be just a dream has now become an actual reality. Yes, ENP has been formally registered for one year now and we continue to bring European parents of LGBTI+ people together, to support one another and to grow as one movement.

We invite you to join us at the upcoming International Event being held in Lisbon, Portugal from Thursday 15th – Sunday 18th March 2018.


On the 16th ENP will hold a Conference together with NELFA who are LGBTI+ families. AMPLOS and ILGA-Portugal will be the host organizations. The Conference goal is to maximize collaboration and networking most fruitfully. This will also enhance visibility and create a platform for journalists and political and civil society leaders.

We will be under one roof from different corners of Europe: forming one movement, one voice, with one clear message – SPEAK OUT: LGBTI & FAMILY RIGHTS.


On the 17th ENP will hold its first General Assembly in which you will discuss its mission and strategic plans after electing the new Board.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the people that matter in helping to bring about the necessary social change towards full inclusion, affirmation and dignity of LGBTI+ persons and their families, in Europe. Be on the right side of history and support ENP in its endeavours to be a voice for those who fear to use theirs; to show solidarity with those who are suffering stigma and social exclusion in their country. Let’s be ambassadors of a growing number of Parents who are propelling into a European movement, together as parents ‘coming out’ as one voice.

We welcome you into the ENP team with open arms.

Be very welcome in Lisbon

Joseph Peregin

Margarida Lima de Faria

o.b.o ENP Board


March 15th – 18h 00m-20h 30m Session in Parliament (reserved)
March 16th – 9h 30m – 18h 30m – Conference (at ISEG)(public)
09h30 Registration
10h00 Opening Session:
Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, Minister of the Presidency and of Administrative Modernisation
Manuel Mira Godinho, President of ISEG
Nuno Pinto, President of ILGA Portugal
Margarida Faria, President of AMPLOS
Joseph Peregin, Chair of ENP
Guiseppina La Delfa, Vice President of NELFA

Video message from Terry Reintke, Co-Chair of the EP LGBT Intergroup
Video message from Jonas Gunnarsson, Rapporteur for the CoE PACE on “Private and family life: achieving equality regardless of sexual orientation”

Round-table: The role of European Networks in promoting LGBTI equality
Moderation by Jorge Gato, Researcher at FCPEUP
Paola Panzeri, Senior Policy and Advocacy officer COFACE
Joseanne Peregin, Board Member of ENP
Katrin Hugendubel, Advocacy Director of ILGA-Europe
Dominique Boren, President of NELFA


Trans and Non-Binary Identities in Childhood and Youth
Moderation by Carla Moleiro, Researcher at ISCTE-IUL
Camilla Gisslow, Member of ENP (Sweden)
Cristina Cardoso, Member of AMPLOS
Aslan Unal, Member of LISTAG (Turkey)
Isaac Rodrigues, Board member of rede ex-aequo
Dani Bento, Board Member of ILGA Portugal

Coffee Break

Parenting realities: the persistent issues in various European contexts
Moderation by Paulo Trigo Pereira, Member of the Portuguese Parliament
Bjorn Sieverding, Secretary of NELFA
Ana Aresta, Vice-President of ILGA Portugal
Daniel Martinovic, Coordinator of Dugine obitelji (Croatia)
Joanna Smiecinska, Member of TRiP (Poland)
Eleni Maravelia, Member of FLG (Spain)

Closing Session:
Carlos Duarte, Vice-President of the Commission for Citizenship and Equality
Ricardo Fuertes, Advisor to the Lisbon City Councillor for Education and Social Rights
19h 30mReception in City Hall (public)

March 17th – 9h00- 12h30m – ENP – General Assembly ENP (only for ENP members) at ISEG
14h 30m – ENP Plenary + Workshops (open to all ENP participants) at ISEG

18h – 10h- 13h – Visit to the Museum of Freedom and Resistance (public – inscriptions) + lecture – The Prossecution of LGBT persons during the Portuguese dictatorship by São José Almeida.

V Dinastia Guest House –

4 thoughts on “ENP Annual Conference in Lisbon, Portugal”

  1. Thank you for your invite. I would love to attend. I am an artist and do not have a big income so would need financial assistance if possible. I would be representing a group of parents in rural Ireland in County Roscommon. Ireland has come a long way with Marriage equality but in rural Ireland there is still a lot of work to be done. My own son Daragh is gay and is married and I am a grandmother to a beautiful granddaughter, They had a surrogate mother, and I will be eternally grateful to this amazing woman who has brought such joy to our families, I was very active during the marriage euality referendum in Ireland, and My poem Imagine its your child went viral. This is still on youtbe just google Anne Rigney and poem Imagine. I have spoken to my group and we are looking into funding. I am unable to find application for this on your site and cannot fill in membership application as birthday fields impossible to fill in, Probably me , not very tech savvy,
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Anne Rigney


    1. Hi Anne,

      I am very glad to hear from you and we are very happy that you are planning to join the conference.

      Our limited funds are available for

      a) Existing board members
      b) Volunteers as candidates for the new ENP Board
      c) Representatives from countries where there is not yet any representation and who justify the need for financial support.

      so, pls try to fill out the membership form again.

      Is it possible that the little problem in filling out the form could be related with order of birthday section? It is asking first the month, then the day…

      Please let me know if you are still having any problem with it.

      Best wishes


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