After the ENP Annual Conference

8125C5E4-07C5-4BC3-93BA-1DD872F0E794Our conference “We Should Speak Out: LGBTI and Family Rights” started with the opening speech of Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, Minister of the Presidency and of Administrative Modernisation

Here are some notes from the conference:

854A1E2D-9F6A-4BE1-A488-E6DC7AAEE5F5“There are insecure family environments as there are insecure countries for the former we want to be an example, for the latter we want to unite our efforts and give them strength” – Margarida Lima de Faria, President of Amplos

12CCF072-6156-4DC0-9081-6C695D9655E2“Through unconditional love of our LGBT children we find ourselves immersed in a world that initially may seem daunting and frightening. However with the right support, courage and strength we have the opportunity to go far beyond our own reality and partake in and embrace what has the potential of being a very beautiful reality” – Joseph Peregin, Chair of ENP

A65CCCB9-3FCD-457A-B643-A19689DC3433“This conference is so necessary and important, because it’s the first time that LGBTIQ+ parents come together with ‘their’ parents. A re-connection, it is like to pile up the pieces of an broken puzzle. And we are bridge-builders to the society at large. So, let’s go ahead to change the laws and the social climate, we are ALL family.” – Björn Sieverding, Secretary of NELFA

CB5D09CE-C0D9-45D9-8DE9-6F2B3EB28B2F“In Portugal, there’s a big gap between our advanced legislation and the social climax. We need strong public policies to overcome this and to move forward in the direction of Full equality for LGBTI people and their Families” – Nuno Pinto, President of ILGA Portugal

CFA03B38-35C5-425A-8C72-105F1F9AC9EC“When we are strong LGBTI communities, when we make space for the many different voices in the community, we are also stronger to burst some bubbles in society to reach out to allies and create strong voices for LGBTI rights” – Katrin Hugendubel, Advocacy Director of ILGA-Europe

FA2DB974-280D-48A3-97D0-395B96C81699“As a Parents’ Network, in defence of ALL our children, we can infiltrate all pockets of society and religious settings where we can speak out and share our stories. This helps to influence public opinion in a style and manner that is more acceptable. It disarms the opposition too.” – Joseanne Peregin, Board Member of ENP


0DFEAD58-EF3F-412F-B5F4-5812DFF41939“Families Europe works to represent the voice of all families at EU level. Families in their diversity is representing the reality of society in the EU today” – Paola Panzeri, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer COFACE

3C222623-CA86-4912-AB44-08A92039E980“Knowledge is the key to change the world” – Camilla Gisslow, Member of ENP from Sweden

624DF345-282D-414B-9B59-E674EE0EE0B5“Eu amo o meu filho, por isso estou aqui, e luto todos os dias pela sua felicidade” – “I love my son, so I’m here, and I fight every day for his happiness” – Cristina Cardosa, Member of Amplos

1A203242-C3A2-4CD7-B68E-00699587F81F“My gender is not defined by my genitals” – Isaac Rodrigues, Board Member of rede ex aequo from Portugal

572D979D-636A-4C55-BFC0-74E04841DCC7O direito a ser, na identidade, expressão e corporalidade – “the right to be: in identity, expression and corporealy” – Daniela Filipe Bento, Board Member of ILGA Portugal

998D21B0-0D2F-4253-B173-190E6EFBB84F“LGBTQI parents are not European citizens as others because they can’t move all over Europe without loosing rights and protection for their KIDS and themselves, they are second class EU citizens” – Giuseppina La Delfa, Member of Associazione Famiglie Arcobaleno

2065133C-FFA1-41A8-B896-F411077736FD“I have a quotation from my teammate Züleyha Baransel from Listag (Families and friends of LGBTI+ in Turkey):
Even if the things we thought I knew about my child have changed, her smell never changed. I smell my child like I did when s/he was born” – A.Unal from LISTAG

EEBBC5B4-C784-47F8-BAAD-E24403898CFD“In a current European context where we are once again hearing expressions like “we and the other”, where human rights are constantly under threat, it is important to ensure that civil movements unite to win and regain rights. Throughout this process, and peaceful resistance are indispensable” – Ana Aresta, Vice-President of ILGA Portugal

0AD45CD5-A79A-418B-B198-94485420E074“Rainbow families want to be able to move freely within Europe and preserve their rights. Don’t treat us like second class citizens.” – Eleni Maravelia, Member of FLG Famílies LGTBI

0191F486-EDFF-43D9-A047-D0B0010B9317“Polish rainbow families are fighting for their rights and recognition. Thanks to the conference we are more empowered and hopeful” – Joanna Śmiecińska, Member of Tęczowe Rodziny from Poland

E77F2B7A-3DDB-40B8-8314-400AD1E18435“Politicians are always saying ‘society isn’t ready’. The reality of our society is that rainbow families exist in Croatia, they were here before, new families will be here in the future, and we need protection and support now, and let’s work on this together” – Daniel Martinovic, Coordinator of Dugine obitelji from Croatia

67B0CFFE-B0F8-429F-9552-77CDF62E1AB1“Talking about my family experience in daily life, walking through visibility and daring” – Ana Paula Góis

CE2D7ED3-FD46-423E-894E-9DE5BBAAB45C“A normative family or person is somehow an artificial narrative, because under the surface, society has always been diverse” – Ricardo Fuertes, Advisor to the Lisbon City Councillor for Education and Social Rights

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