The next event will be the ILGA-Europe Conference being held in Brussels in October. ENP representatives will be speaking about the book project: Tell it Out! This book will be a compendium of parent testimonies from different parts of Europe. It will be ENP’s advocacy tool.

Organized by ENP

  • KIEV (UKRAINE) – November 2016
  • VALLETTA (MALTA) – February 2017
  • LISBON (PORTUGAL) – 15 – 18 March 2018

With ENP participation

  • GOTHENBURG (SWEDEN) –  June 2017
  • PODGORICA (MONTENEGRO) – September 2017
  • WARSAW (ILGA-EUROPE) – November 2017

In February (21-22 February 2017), the ENP launch conference took place in Malta where nearly 50 parents from 14 countries met for workshops and training. Local and international leaders in the LGBTIQ community, politicians including local MEPs and Hon. Minister Helena Dalli, (Minister of Social Dialogue, Consumer Rights and Civil Liberties) provided insights and expertise.

In April 2017 the members of the ENP Board met in Brussels with trainer Karen Kaan, to build a stronger team for advocacy and implementation of the vision and mission of ENP.
In June 2017 during the Gothenburg West Pride organised by Proud Parents, Sweden, ENP representatives marched with the ENP banner and connected with new parent organisations.
In September 2017 during the ERA Conference in Podgorica, Montenegro, ENP representatives walked with the ENP banner, to raise awareness and connect with more parents.

One of the largest LGBTI events in Europe every year is the Annual Conference of ILGA Europe. This year the conference took place in Warsaw under the motto „Change! Communities Mobilising, Movements Rising!“ from 01-04 November 2017.

Movements rising were the right catchwords for European Parents of Parents of LGBTI+ persons (ENP), founded about half a year before, the conference gave us the chance to conduct our first workshop with the title „Parents of LGBTI People as gate openers and bridge builder“. The aim of the workshop was to focus on the impact that parents of LGBTI people can have on social, political and religious communities and settings. More than 40 participants discussed in group work from obstacles to start a parents support group in your region to strengths to have a parents organization as ally. During the workshop we launched our movie and the new created leaflet and shared information about ENP as well. Under the participants were representatives from parents projects from different world regions like Denmark, Kyrgyzstan and Spain, but also people with special interest in how to start a parents group like Slovakia.

The workshop team of the ENP Katarzyna Remin/Marzenna Latawiec (Poland, KPH) and Olena Hloba/ Sven Stabroth (Ukraine/Germany, TERGO) says thank you to all the participants for their active engagement and sharing their ideas and experiences with us. Of Course we got during the event a lot of new contacts, ideas, inspirations we begin now to reflect on!